The Beginnings (continued)

From left to right, me, Rusty Beckett on drums, Renee Hill and the late Mark Marasti. It was jams like this out of which Country Water was formed.

Country Water!

Country Water was the first group I was ever in that was truly popular. Although we lived in a small town, we would regularly draw over a hundred people -- even on a weekday night! Of course this was just before serious drunk driving laws were enacted and VCRs were popular.

We recorded an album in the city (one song was named, "Paradise Ain't Your Dirty City") and passed it around to our friends. One piece I was proud of was "The Atomic Age", which warned of nuclear dangers and was very innovative in its production.

Above: A pre-Country Water event at a local community hall. Note the cheap price for admission ($2). Photo shows me taking a swig from Renee Hill's bottle of Jack Daniels. In the background is Brian "Boxcar" Slater.

Above: A poster for one of Country Water's early gigs. Different artists lent their talents to poster making... the photograph was originally used in a feature story about the band, appearing in a local newspaper.

Above: Country Water in its heyday, at Cliff's Lounge, Lincoln City, Oregon. (Left to right) Ray Mancini, Scott Booth, Brian Slater, myself and the late Mark Marasti.

Being a songwriter and singer put me in the middle and thrust me into a leadership role. It seemed I was looked upon by the others to come up with a business plan and funding needed for the recording and equipment. This I found to be difficult to accomplish, and not my strong suit. That, along with trouble from demanding girlfriends and wives, in my opinion, led to Country Water's demise. Nevertheless, I look back on those times as being very special.

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